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have. When t●he oth

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class apent tacit sioutis mauris just olmorbi

ers used to take their dirty drugs to make● them forget, they’d dream of strange paradis●es, unknown heavens; but through the haze and■ mist that they brought, I would re■member—I would remember. The filth ■and the vileness would fade and dissolve—and■ I would see the sun-dial, with th■e roses on it, warm in the sun, and smell the c●love pinks in the kitchen border, an●d touch the cresses by the brook, ■cool and

er that she
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fe●lt no shrinking and no terror; only gre■at pity for what he had los

green and wet. All the sullen dr■ums and whining flutes would sink to silence, a■nd I would hear the little yellow-headed cou●sin of the vicar singing in the twi■light, singing. ‘Weep you no more, sad foun■tains’ and ‘Hark,

hark, the lark.’ And● the painted yellow faces and the little ■wicked hands and perfumed fans would v■anish and I would see again the gay beau●ty of the lady who hung above the mantel■ in the long drawing room, the la●dy who l

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    Aenean sollicitudin


    aughed across the ce■nturies in her white muslin frock, with eyes ■that

    matched th

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    Ribendum auctor


    e blue ribbon in her wind-blo■wn curls—the lady who was as yo●ung and lovel

    y as Eng

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    sagittis sem


    land, for all the● years! Oh, I would remember, I would rememb■er!

    It was twil

t, gre■at grief for

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Plan 1

duis sed odio sit amet

ight, and I was hurryin●g home through the dusk after tennis ●at the rectory; there was a be●ll ringing

Plan 2

sagittis sem nibhd

quietly somewhere, and172 a■ moth flying by brushed against my fa■ce with velvet—and I could smell th●e

Plan 3

duis sed odio sit amet

hawthorn hedge glimmering wh●ite, and see the first star ■swinging low above the trees, and lower s■ti

what he m ight have had. For a ●minute she forgot that she was Dap●hne,

ll, and brighter still, the lights o●f home.... And then before my ver■y eyes they would fade, they would fade, dimmer ●and dimmer—t

the heedle ss and gay-hearted, and t■hat he was a broken and an e■vil man

hey would flicker and g●o out, and I would be back again, with ta■wdriness and shame and vileness fast ●about me; and I would pay.” “But n●ow you have paid enough,” Daphne told him. “●Oh, su

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. For a mi nute he wa

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rely, surely, you have pa■id enough. Now you have come home—now you c●an forget.” “No,” said Stephen Fane. “Now ■I must go.” “Go” At the st■artled echo he raised his head. ● “What else”

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